Sam Won Dong


Philosophy of Samwondong

Samwondong is performed with Smile Spirit because Smile is the essence of the Existence Spirit and the perfection itself. Because HE is perfect, so we are as HIS sons and daughters. But still we want to be perfect to become one with HIM and Samwondong is performed to achieve this objective.


The philosophy of Samwondong is to achieve perfection in all four areas of being; perfection at physical body level, metaphysical mind level, fundamental soul level and the real life level. 


SAM means Tri, WON means Origin, DONG means Movement or Motion

A scientific Movement to control Body, Mind & Soul



Prof. Park, Jae Woo always used to think that when people work hard all the day, they need optimum energy to perform better in day to day life as well as to lead a healthy and happy life. Based on his deep philosophical thinking he came across to know the four fundamental forces and thus evolved the Triorigin theory and the Triorigin Model Order - base of everything that exists. From Triorigin concept Samwondong has been developed intended to help people to achieve self perfection. Samwondong is the essence of Triorigin consciousness..  


Benefits of Samwondong


  • Harmonizes and Rejuvenates Body, Mind & Soul.

  • One can feel and channelize the energy of body.

  • Helps to keep healthy and fit and control weight.

  • Improves body balance and flexibility, builds up  strength.

  • Helps to treat Physical, Mental and Emotional problems.

  • Relieves stress.

  • Provides ability to control energies by consciousness.

  • Promotes deeper meditation to achieve real self perfection