The Sam Won Gong method is based on moving the ki in the channels known to us from the Sujok ki system. The method is based on a series of stretching that opens the energy flow in the human body, combined with breathing and focusing on the moving energy.
The focus on the sense of flow enables the upgrading of consciousness in a way that sharpens and enhances the therapeutic abilities of the sujok ki method. The Sam Won Gong method is used as a tool for self-control and self-empowerment, as well as as a tool to help patients continue their therapeutic effect at home.The method is the basis of the new one point Sam Won Gong technique, which is used as an instrument for the diagnosis and treatment of energy balance based on channel flow regulation by stretching and pressing the channel crossing points at the wrist, at the base of the skull and ankle.
It's possible to practice Sam Won Gong with hands like the picture beside is showing.