Sujok is a healing method multi-dimensional.


The first dimension is a physical healing method, that simply providing stimulation of specific points corresponding hands and feet. Perhaps as near as a miniature correspondence treatment is the most symmetrical part of the human body and structural shapes the entire parallel systems. On the other hand, a miniature body correspondence strongest and most effective in the feet.

This type of treatment is very popular due to the ease of learning, safety, efficiency and rate of healing response is often very fast in and does not contain dangerous methods.

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The second dimension, the mini meridian system called "stamping" is also available on the hands and feet.

-meridian  Stamping system stimulated in the same way as traditional Chinese meridians by strengthening or by dissipation of energy.

 Classic main meridians and their control points are represented on the hands and feet. Meridian theories and experiences of classical acupuncture, Yin Yang principle, and six Ki  (6 energies).

Energetic aspect of our body, the Chinese discovered some 3,000 years ago. It flows in certain channels and treats all body areas and organs of the body. This channel system, called meridians, distributor Qi (energy) throughout the body as a whole.

Each of the 12 meridians has a flow direction and flow into one another.

These two dimensions, effective in treating a variety of diseases, however, the combination of the two, depending on the situation will most rapid results.


 The different dimensions of Sujok developed by Professor Woo Park. These include three principle sources, the structure of diamond, chakra system, treatment of ear Onnuri, and more...

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The third dimension,The three sources theory called triorigin.

The main innovation theory sous-Digit compared to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang is the theory of three sources, triorigin. This theory deals with a relationship between the four fundamental forces that underlie every phenomenon that occurs in the universe. The four forces and their interaction system are reflected from the level of subatomic structure and molecular through the human body, as well as social or institutional systems and abstract concepts such as space or time.

This wisdom was known to our ancestors and the prophets but lost over the years with the destruction of the Temple and the disasters that accompanied it, the developments of exact science allegedly caused abandon and forgot the ancient teachings preserved in secret, between the lines of the holy Torah.

At the same time with the Big Bang had physical laws of our world, created space and time dimensions. First minutes after creation all matter was composed only discovered the initial light began to cool and spread very fast. Further, with the temperature descended force of contraction began to act against the force expansion, and following cooling and contraction made possible the formation of new particles such as quarks, electrons, neutrons and protons formed along atoms, molecules and atoms assemble molecules were produced, stars, galaxies and other components of the universe. The balance between the forces of contraction expansion occurred later in development, and there were energetic balance relationships, planets formed and evolved part of life.

If we look at the stages of creation in general terms and the laws operating in the universe, we can see that there are four fundamental forces that affect the whole process takes place in this world. Prof. Park Read these forces according to Newton Greek names, properties, Hetero, Homo, and Neutro underlying the theory of three sources. Now let's look at the forces and understand the character.

Power Neuto - Zero No

Neuto in our world is an invisible force, is the connection of an other dimension, it is not here but it is everything, Neuto is not light nor darkness, neither time nor space, is basically - nothing. It is a world called World Zero. In some way world zero is a perfect world, no wars, no conflicts, no good and no evil, no illness and no feelings and so on…

Neuto is the color of black.

Power hetero - Change He

Once through the gate this Big Bang, released power hetero his natural impulse is changing.

Hetero based on infinite world. Hetero essentially the first power in this world who jumped out of the gate Neuto world of zero. Hetero is the fundamental force that brings all human beings that exist in the world. Hetero is large, majestic, lively, playful power. Hetero love positive side, avoiding dark sides. Hetero derived in infinite always wants to change things and take them to the infinite world. It can also create new things. Hetero does not allow things to go back to the starting point.

Hetero is the color of red.

Power Homo - Ho position

It is clear from the foregoing that God could not allow a single force will rule hetero be in this world. Therefore, as soon as a force hetero was running, he created homo force which has the character of no change.

Homo color is blue.

Ne force Neutro- the balance

Forces homo and hetero polar relationship to each other. They reflect the yin and yang forces known for thousands of years of Chinese philosophy. Forces homo and hetero relationships are reversed and a constant battle, this struggle allows the creation of the most important force in our lives, power Neutro is integrity, life, and smile.

Neutro is the color of green.

All three sources in terms of disease are due to loss of Neutro in the place of the problem.

Neutro is the most important power, active and responsible. He participates in every side of the world.

Its Geometric shape is a spiral. The spiral is the result of the union of straight and circle (spin) the characteristics of hetero and homo troops. There spiral out a three-dimensional world is adding the third dimension. Spiral exists in many buildings in the wild.

Neutro is a balanced force aimed to balance the forces released in the real world and bring perfection, smile.


Power Neutro includes the total maximum properties, is the largest, most complex and most perfect, it exists only in our world and the most important power is characteristic of this world.