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 About Twist Therapy

Twist therapy

 Twist Therapy is a method of body movements and easy postures that provides treatment effectiveness as well as prevention.

 A strong harmonic effect of torsion movements and poses is ensured by the fact that they act on meridians of the net spiral energy system that fill them with life energy, Neutro


 One simple twist of the neck (twisting of the neck) stops a headache.  The twisting of the neck and trunk allows for high blood pressure.  After a single spiral twist in the chest, the heartache disappears.  Even emotional disorders, anxiousness, sadness and other stressful conditions result in twisting movements.

 For the most part, it is not the painful organ itself but the area of ​​the body that stabilizes the affected organ.  Through this focused therapy, help to release emotional and physical blockage.  The circular movements create a flow that helps relieve pain.  It is a light therapy technique whose principles are accompanied by different types of therapies and massages and therefore it is highly desirable to study it


 This method is convenient to learn and use to recover from illness and prevent illness even in emergencies


 The twist therapy integrates with smile meditation and therefore helps to achieve both mental and physical balance.  Smile meditation helps to flush out negative emotions and thus results in complete and complete healing - internal and external.  The neutralization of negative emotions helps the patient to be more open and aware of other and peaceful feelings, and thus the development, creativity, belief and effectiveness of the treatment are better.


 Handy twist treatment for everyone because no special equipment or tools are needed except for one's good will and intention to stay healthy and happy throughout life.







 You can also do the twist in reflection, which means you can do a twist to your 10 fingers, it will be a full body exercise: head, 2 hand,2 legs and all organs.  It will also be preventative treatment.

 It is also possible to perform the twist to the wrist ... it will do full body care.

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