Chacras: 7 minutes up



The method of colour therapy is based on the law of resonant colour interaction and conterminous  frequency characteristics of the  body.

There is a resonant interaction of zones of hands and feet (chakras energy points, acupuncture points of meridians and waves surrounding them) to similar frequency of a colour source (artificial or natural). The body's organs have their own resonant frequencies related to the charkas and meridians,therefore, we can "tune " our bodies for optimal wellness through colour therapy by exposing our chakras and meridians to the specific colour needed.

The light beam is the language of the organism cells which communicate with each other, and they do so via photons and microwaves.

The colour scale promotes restoration of the energy balance broken by illness.

Different colours give off different wavelength frequencies and these different frequencies have different effects on physical and psychological functions and consequently different disorders.
Coloured light can be used directly on the body's health and immune system, affecting the body and the emotions. It does not alter the material make up of the body, but rather the vibrational aspect, similar to homeopathy.
The treatment itself involves the application of coloured pens or a light pen to the acupuncture points on the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light. It does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the colour sensitivity of acupuncture receptors on the skin, is used to absorb the coloured light.

Acupuncture meridians then channel healing information encoded in the light to targeted cells and the brain where it is needed.


Example, high fever and red face - are identified as the excess heat energy associated with the colour red. Painting blue reflection point, which is the opposite colour to red, reduce the redness and cut the heat.

In principle therapeutic colours:

Inflammation characterized by red (brown)

Provision is characterized by inflammation with a liquid yellow colour (moist)

Colours that help cure inflammation are black or blue to cool the inflamed spot.

Colours that help to cure an infection are: black blue and brown for the purpose of drying the infection.


Trauma dominant energy is always cold, to heat the body the colour red is used.