Sujok therapy

SuJok therapy is the last achievement of Eastern medicine. It is better than all known self-treatment methods and is the most powerful way to keep healthy without the help of drugs .

SuJok therapy was conceived as a healing method by the Korean scientist - Professor Park Jae Woo - in 1987, and has been defined as one of the great medical discoveries of the 20th century.

SuJok therapy consists of several curing micro acupuncture systems, located on the hands and feet. In Korean "su" means hand and "jok" - leg. Hence the name of this therapy.

Brief explanation about Sujok therapy
In Sujok therapy,the hand and the foot represent all the organs/meridians in the body. Sujok can be practiced in conjunction with other therapies without conflict or side effects.

Developed by Professor Park Jae Woo, this therapy is 100% safe, simple and easy to perform even by the patients. Hands and feet are the locations of systems of active points corresponding to all organs and parts of the body. Stimulation of these points, produces a curative effect. This method is universal. With the help of Sujok, various kinds of illnesses can be treated. There is no need for any precautions to be taken during the treatment. The therapy is natural and curing only the natural forces in and around the body, it is also one of the safest therapies ever known.

In today's stressful life, how Sujok helps to bring mental peace?
Today, stress has become a part of our lifestyle. Right from a child to an adult, it affects everyone, which in the longer run causes severe illness. While most of us depend on pills, a simple touch on the tip of your thumb with the index finger of any hand helps to give miraculous results. For a lasting effect, one should repeat this action to get ultimate relief. Tai chi also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.

How does sujok help to heal curative, mental and emotional disorder?
Through Sujok, one can diagnose the problem easily. By pressing the key points and applying pressure in the right direction, one can diagnose and cure the problem. Sujok helps to heal certain physical problems such as blood pressure, headaches, bronchitis, asthma, gastric acidity, ulcers, constipation, migraine, vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, gastro oesophageal reflex disease, disc prolapse, complications due to chemotherapy, menopause, excessive bleeding and many more. Likewise, to cure depression, anger, fear and worries, Sujok is the ultimate therapy for soul and body that provides natural treatment to the patients, who otherwise, depend on pills to cure such diseases.



Pr. Park Jae Woo

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